Photographic Services

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Event shoots 

Party and banquet events     Sports and Fund raiser events     Race events

 Fire Dept. Practice Burn     Walmart / Dr. Pepper Promotion    Little kids and race cars  

Little kids and celebs.    Little kids IN race cars     walmart3.jpg (62865 bytes)  

Motorcross Races     More Motorcross races     Little League events   

Little League events     Trials event     H---PA070691.jpg (68302 bytes)


Product photography for print media or internet

Geode    Highly reflective products    Coke Glass    Stemware 

Re-manufactured Distributors   


Individual Promo

Trials Rider Promo shoot    Rider portfolio     Motocross rider portfollio 



Always have a good photo of your pet    His eye is on the sparrow . . .


Real Estate

From million dollar estates to . . . Well, you get the idea.    RanchProperty1.jpg (49610 bytes)   


Your pet project

Model A Pickup      Model A Pickup     



Well, perhaps the glamour business is better left to the pros. Ha ha ha ha Grubb - - you crack me up!!

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