Limited Edition Photo Greeting Cards

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 7" x 5" single fold format on heavy weight card stock. Blank inside. Includes envelope.

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GC 501 - 1890  barn in Park County Colorado
GC 501
GC 502 - Model A , AA heavy duty truck, near Bailey Colorado
GC 502
GC 503 - Barn near Jefferson, CO. In this photo the barn is 1/2 collapsed and a week later it fell the rest of the way. Same barn as GC-523.
GC 503
GC 504 The Face of ET in Redrocks Park In Jefferson County, CO
GC 504
GC 505 - 1950 Ford. Jefferson County, CO Near Deckers
GC 505
GC 506 - Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. Park County, CO near Grant
GC 506
GC 507 - Webster Pass Park County, CO North of hwy 285 (turn at the old ownsite of Webster).
GC 507
GC 508 - Final Resting Place. Abandoned pickup near Kenosha Pass in Park County, CO
GC 508
GC 509 - Meyers Ranch Part of Jefferson County Open Space in Jefferson County, CO
GC 509
GC 510 - Meyers Ranch, part of Jefferson County Open Space in Jefferson County, CO
GC 510
GC 511 - Tattered TeePee Near Bailey in Park County, CO
GC 511
GC 512 - Waterless Windmill Near Trinadad in Las Anamis County, CO
GC 512
GC 513 - Sno-Cone In the Platte River Near  Bailey in Park County, CO.  The cone was an escapee from a construction site about 1/2 mile upstream.
GC 513
GC 514 - Rocky Mountain Goat.  Mount Evans in Clear Creek County, CO
GC 514
GC 515 - Rocky Mountain Goat. Mount Evans in Clear Creek County, CO
GC 515
GC 516 - Rocky Mountain Goat Mount Evans in Clear Creek County, CO
GC 516
GC 517 - Rocky Mountain Goat Mount Evans in Clear Creek County, CO
GC 517
GC 518 - Rocky Mountain Goat. Mount Evans in Clear Creek County, CO
GC 518
GC 519 - Collegiate Peaks. Mount Antero. Near Buena Vista in Chaffee County, CO
GC 519
GC 520 - The Lariat. A cowboy’s tool hangs on the wall and dreams of lassoing a spider.
GC 520
GC 521 - Meezies’ Cabin. 100 year old cabin still in use and standing up to the winter blizzards. Park County, CO
GC 521
GC 522 - Baby Moose. This calf, born the previous spring, is shedding his first winters coat. Near Jackson Wyo.
GC 522
GC 523 - Barn near Jefferson, CO in Park County. Although listing to the right for many years, this grand old barn finally gave in to gravity and collapsed in the fall of 2004. The air was filled with swallows on this day. Same barn as GC-503.
GC 523
GC 524 - Barn With A Rock. This old barn near Gunnison Colorado has its own rock - enclosed within its corral.
GC 524
GC 525 - Lake Powell, UT. The high water mark indicates a dry season in the western United States.
GC 525
GC 526 - Gabletop Mountain. Rocky Mountain National Park.
GC 526

GC 527
GC 528 - Bull Elk. Near Estes Park, Colorado. This bull was "talking trash" to anyone that could hear. This herd was his and he challanged all commers.
GC 528
GC 529 - April Pond. A beaver pond near Kenosha Pass in Park County, CO is still frozen over on a clear April morning.
GC 529
GC 530 - The original Snow Blower. Snow blowing off of a mountain peak near Gunella Pass in Clear Creek County , CO.
GC 530
GC 531 - Mount Bierstadt and the Sawtooth. 14060 ft. Mount Bierstadt in Clear Creek County, CO is named for Albert Bierstadt (1830 - 1902), famous German artist.
GC 531
GC 532 - Haymen Fire. Taken from Dick Mountain near Bailey, CO at sunset, June 9, 2002. The cloud was formed by the fire and was the only cloud in the sky. The fire was about 30 miles distant.
GC 532
GC 533 - Room With A View.  Top of Boreas Pass between Breckenridge and Como in Colorado.
GC 533
GC 534 - Bakers Tank. This water tower on the old right of way of the Denver South Park and Pacific RR has been restored and maintained by Summit County. The two lane unsurfaced road has replaced the rail grade and is negotiable by passenger auto.
GC 534
GC 535 - Bug-A-Boo
GC 535
GC 536 - Fall morning on Kenosha Pass. Quaking aspen cast their shadows on a perfectly still fall morning.
GC 536
GC 537 - A Pair Of Pasques. A spring bride and groom appear on the forest floor.
GC 537
CG 538 - Tack Barn. This old barn once held tools and tack for a working ranch. Near Bailey, CO.
CG 538
CG 539 - Wash House. This building was made just for washing clothes and stands only 100 feet or so from the main house. Near McCoy, on the western slope of Colorado.
CG 539
CG 540 - Webster Pass and Red Cone Peak - as viewed from the top of Kenosha Pass in Park County, CO
CG 540
CG 541 - Freight Wagon. This heavy duty freighter looks like it could be used today. Notice the loading ramp on the rear.
CG 541
CG 542 - Fall on the Peak. This is the same peak as shown in GC 530. Notice the well defined glacial cirque.
CG 542
GC 543 - South Platte Hotel. This is all that remains of the town of South Platte, CO at the confluence of the North and South forks of the South Platte River. The townsite sits on the Jefferson and Douglas county line.
GC 543
GC 544 - Whitte Clematis - A classic representation of the encroachment of civilization into the old west. ( actually this was shot in Denver, CO - I just don't usually admit to going to town)
GC 544
GC 545 - Blue Clematis. Bold, beautiful and bountiful.
GC 545
GC 546 - Brown Bear and Salmon Friend. Terry Philippus captured this moment in the never ending cycle of life in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.
GC 546
GC 547 - Brown Bear Drinking.Suzanne Philippus made this photograph on the banks of a tidal pool near the Silver Salmon Creek River in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. For more of Suzanne's work go to
GC 547
GC 548 - Grave Marker. Here Lies Les Moore. No Les. No Moore. Marker is in the Ghost Town of St. Elmo in Chaffee County, CO.
GC 548
GC 549 - St. Elmo in Chaffee County, CO. west of Buena Vista is claimed to be Colorado’s best preserved ghost town.
GC 549
GC-550 Outhouse in St. Elmo, CO. This old outhouse is still in service.
GC 550




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